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Our Approach

      Milan is highly respected and professional level 3 personal trainer and contest prep coach. He has honed and refined his physique for over 2 decades in various competitions around the world.

      He has worked with countless individuals who are looking to improve the quality of their life, be able to do more, slow down the ageing process or improve muscle function. He will always respect your privacy and the confidential nature of the Trainer – Client relationship. He has proven ability to help and motivate people to achieve their fitness goals (e.g. fat los, muscle building, improved body composition, postural correction, injury rehabilitation or strength and conditioning) based on their needs and abilities. He possess a successful track record of evaluating a client’s physical fitness and then developing a practical and achievable workout routine for them to reach their targets.  He understands that everybody is unique and one size fits all approach does not work. Through one-on- one training and exercises tailored to your individual anatomy, current ability and your tolerance for activity, he will coach you towards a lifestyle change so that planning, exercise and good nutrition becomes a way of life.

      Milan’s approach is accessible, fun, enthusiastic and one in which you will feel encouraged rather than intimidated.

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