Please see below just a few of my valued clients and their views on our ethics and what we try to achieve here at MP-Bodyproject. We train hard but it's always fun and as you can see from some of the comments the results are there too see. So strap yourself in and enjoy the journey, the new you is just around the corner.


"I've been training with a pt specialist for the past 12 months and I haven't seen very much change in my body and was very skeptical about it all. My husband and I joined Exercise-4-Less and with our joining fee we were given 2 free pt sessions. So I had my 2 free sessions and really enjoyed it as it was so different to previous sessions. So decided to give the pt training another chance. So I had a few pt sessions with a guy but unfortunately he left, a little disappointed so decided to have a free consultation with Milan Panek explaining what my goals were. However the moment I met Milan I knew he was the person that could help me achieve my goals and also the one that would help change my life for the better. I've been training with Milan for the past 3 months +. I've been challenged and pushed to my limits by him. But he's taught me a great deal. He makes working out fun and has definitely inspired me to reach new goals.

I've been more than very impressed by his passion to help me. His knowledge and ability to connect with his clients is more than what I expected. But honestly this guy knows his stuff and I'm well and truly impressed with the changes in my body and plan to carry on training with Milan until my goals are completely reached. But I know he'll always be there for me. And once again would like to thank Milan for all his expertise in toning my body to the way I've been looking to do for the past 12 months." 💪💪💪



"I've never written a testimonial before but this time I felt I had too, I came to Milan at the beginning of 2016, I'd been training for a year or two and had one Bikini competition under my belt already which i'd placed in. But after having a bad experience with a former trainer I was left feeling completely low of self esteem , confidence and totally lost feeling like I couldn't and didn't want to train anymore.  After speaking to Milan he immediately understood how I felt and took on board my fear of getting on stage again and restored my faith in a coach and my approach to training, he put a plan in place for me and totally took the reins. From week 1 I felt completely back on track again mentally, and although I was already training he pushed me to be better than I thought I could be and even achieved Pb's in just about everything I did . We only had 10 weeks before I'd hit the stage again and I never thought you'd be able to see results in that time but the changes were huge, his knowledge not only to training but nutrition and competing was unbelievable and loved that he'd explain everything to me so I could understand. His support is above and beyond any coach I'd known before,  and has so much passion to see all his clients regardless of there fitness level succeed. Training was hard but we all need pushing sometimes to achieve our dreams and not once did he ever NOT believe in me or my ability to achieve. 

In May 2016 we entered the NPA'S Trained figure over 40's category in Wakefield, Milan took the time to be there there to support me with his girlfriend on the day talking through my routines and all the backstage prep putting me at ease as I was a complete nervous wreck. We did it ..and I placed 2nd in the category and received an invitation to the British Finals. Completely over the moon was an understatement. Choosing Milan as my trainer and coach was the the best decision I ever made and will certainly hopefully be working towards and achieving bigger goals with him next year, and know he'd do exactly the same for any of his clients in the future .  Thank you Milan x."



“I was recommended to use Milan as I wanted to spice up my workouts. He set me a great diet that was easy to follow and not over complicated with foods you would not normally buy. He really pushes you to your limits and an hour with him goes quickly but efficiently - you will absolutely hate leg day for days after. But great results and very motivating not just in the gym but for passion in your every day life. He is great guy with good sense of humour and his own results in his chosen field are amazing.”​



I have been working with Milan for 6 months and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Milan is passionate about fitness and body building and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, effective ! He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Milan will lead you every step of the way."


Thank you Milan, you are the best! X



When I wanted a personal trainer I wanted someone who was passionate about what they teach. For me that was Milan. He has years of experience in the gym. I was after developing some fat loss, diet, gaining strength and shape. I met Milan for a free consultation he listened to my needs. My struggles and my goals. He was very helpful and has guided me these last 4 months now. In that time I can say in all honesty that my size and strength has improved 100%, his diet plan was the biggest change in my lifestyle in 4 months I have gone from 98 kilo to 92 kilo whilst increasing in muscle size and strength.

I would fully recommend him to all future clients because most of all his heart is in it . It's not just about the money. I am grateful for the time he has given me and most of all the change in me.

Thank you Milan please feel free to use any photos of me on your web site.”​

Mark Sharman


“I have been training with Milan now constantly for over two years. Having worked with other trainers in the past no one comes close to the expertise, knowledge and professionalism Milan demonstrates. His friendly yet motivational approach has helped me re shape my body and given me strength I never thought possible. I look and feel better in my forties than I did in my twenties and thirties. I never get bored with training and every session is not only a challenge but FUN and he really does get the very best out of me. There is no way I could or would accomplish what I do training in the gym by myself. Anyone looking to improve their life, create new good habits and positive beliefs would not be disappointed – you just have to take that decision to a better you, when you do - you won’t look back. Milan now trains my husband and two teenage children.”​



After several years of competing in natural bodybuilding in Switzerland and the UK there came the moment where I had the feeling of being stuck. I made only little improvements and didn’t really know what to change. Under lucky circumstances I met Milan in a championship here in Switzerland where he started as a pro bodybuilder. I got the chance to know him better and from the first second on I knew he could give me another view regarding dieting and workout plan. At the beginning it was difficult for me to change my mind setting since I had been doing it for so many years. But Milan’s knowledge is excellent and we worked out what was best for me. With placing 2nd in the UKDFBA International Championships I knew  we did very well. I made massive improvements compared to last year and never felt so good on a stage.

Thank you Milan for your help!"​



"I started training with Milan a year ago and we talked about bodybuilding training which I always wanted to do but never had the confidence to do. Within a year I've gone from a shy person with no confidence to now competing at the European Championships, none of that would of been possible without Milan's amazing help, he is always there 24/7 no matter what the problem and always goes the extra mile, his encouragement and drive to help me achieve my goals was 2nd to none. It's been a privilege to be trained by him this last year and I now call him a friend."


Lee H.


"Milan is an excellent personal trainer. The sessions are tough but enjoyable. Milan will push you to get fitter and stronger while supporting and motivating to give 100%. He helped me to gain confidence to use various gym equipment including free weights and his approach works - I noticed real body changes within weeks. Meal and exercise program helped me loose 4% body fat in 6 weeks. I highly recommended training with Milan whatever your fitness goals."

Inga B.


After wanting to join a gym for long time but feeling out of my comfort zone I decided to use a personal trainer. Milan was the best choice I could have made, he is both extremely professional and friendly. Milan made me instantly feel at ease with the gym environment and taught me the best ways to approach building different parts of my body for strength and conditioning. He knows how to find a balance between encouraging you to enjoy yourself exercising while still pushing and motivating you to achieve more. Wether you wish to get generally fitter and healthier or want to push your athleticism to new heights then I highly recommend using Milan to reach your goals.




Milan is a first class personal trainer who I would have no hesitation in recommending to my friends.

I was facing a significant challenge in preparing to take my first dan black belt in tae kwon do. I did not feel I had the cardiovascular or muscular fitness levels required to pass the grading to a high standard, and needed to achieve some quite rapid improvements. 

Milan listened very carefully to my exact requirements and built a training programme tailored to my body and objectives. 

I achieved fitness, muscular and body fat improvements that exceeded my expectations by far. 

My black belt grading was ultimately more successful, enjoyable and achievable due to the time spent training with Milan and I will be eternally grateful for his help in getting me to the standard I wanted to be at on the day. '




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